Thanksgiving 101

So another year has gone by so quick and Thanksgiving is upon us once again!! I love this holiday since i moved to America, it gets everyone to show their culinary side in the kitchen. Whether you are going to throw your own thanksgiving at home or go to a pot luck friends thanksgiving, there will be something in my THANKSGIVING 101  for everyone. Menu Simple Butternut Squash soup w/ chopped bacon, dash sour cream *********************** Roast Turkey Breasts Braised Brussels sprouts w/ pancetta Glazed carrots Cornbread and rosemary stuffing mashed garlic and chive potatoes ************** Walnut Pecan Pie

Flavoring Oils and Vinegars

If you got a few empty containers lying around or old olive oil bottles, why not try something fresh and new such as flavoring oils !! This can add great flavor to your cooking. I was at a speaking engagement not so long ago and introduced this to the audience, I was surprised that many did not know this was possible. It also looks cool on your kitchen counter ! Rinse and dry 2cups of your favorite fresh herbs such as basil, mint, dill, rosemary..whatever tickles your fancy! In a jar or a tightly closed container, place 2 cups canola/olive […]

The Perfect Pantry

When i go to my pantry, I know I’ll be able to prepare something great for dinner. Look at your cupboard space in your kitchen and determine where the best place is to host a pantry. Once this is decided, look at each shelf and chose what ingredient you always want to have in that space. This way replenishing will be easy when you head to the grocery store. You will know instantly when you open you cupboard what you are running low on. Here is my list of must have’s in your pantry Oils and Vinegars Canola oil, Extra […]

It’s All About the Sauces!

I want to talk to you a bit about sauces for food. I am going to give you some helpful simple recipes that you can use to go with your favorite protein. I used to always find myself saying “and what will i have with this chicken breast tonight?”. You have your veggies…check! your protein…check! but you forgot about what you will drizzle over them. Take these recipes and use them as a cheat sheet and at a moments notice you will be able to whip up some awesome sauce to go with your creation. And do not worry about […]

How to Choose Healthy Fats and Oils

There are many to choose from — oils, butter, margarine, and cooking sprays — and some are healthier than others. Here are some of the options. Olive oil Olive oil is probably the most popular oil to cook with, and it’s one of the healthiest. It is high in monounsaturated fat and antioxidants, which may help to lower cholesterol and may also lower the risk of developing certain cancers. When you’re cooking with olive oil, use the “pure” type rather than “virgin” or “extra virgin.” Pure olive oil can take high heat and won’t lose flavor. If you choose to […]

Chef Stuart O’Keeffe Joins Tupperware

I am thrilled to be working with a premier brand like Tupperware! It has been fantastic meeting the sales force; their energy and enthusiasm has been truly amazing! This year, they will be receiving my exclusive tasty recipes and personal cooking tips that they can share at their parties, and I will also be demonstrating the latest and greatest Tupperware products. Being a part of the Tupperware family gives me the chance to share delicious and healthy eating ideas that will help bring families back to the table. I encourage you to visit for new product information and cool recipe ideas!

Food Shopping the Healthy Way

Produce As I’ve said, every time I walk into a produce department here I’m blown away by the amazing selection of fruits and veggies you guys have to choose from. Get this: I’d never eaten an avocado until I came to the States 4 and half years ago. It’s true! So don’t be afraid to try the stuff you haven’t had before — it’s a great gift to have these options at your fingertips. Now, you don’t want to stock up on this food group, as it is perishable. I recommend buying only what you can eat within three days. […]

Building Your Pantry

Hey Guys, Welcome to my first blog!! I hope you are all eating well on your journey to achieving your goals. My next blog i will take you on your trip to the grocery store, NOW I’m going to show you what you need to have in your pantry. WHY? Here’s why… It all comes down to TIME. I base a lot of my cooking on time. I don’t like to slave over the stove unless I’m cooking a dinner party for friends. But when it comes to cooking for myself, I’m all about healthy in a hurry. How can […]