Breakfast Bake

breadbreakfast bake

I grew up with my parents’ cooking us breakfast meals for dinner. A big fry up with fresh soda bread for example, nothing could beat that. Here  is my simple treat I like to have for both breakfast and Dinner.

Pecan Pancakes


This are great for weekend breakfasts if you have some extra time on your hands or alternatively make the batter the night before, cover and place in the fridge and you will be well organized for the morning.

Lemon Chili Avocado Toast


In California, we always have access to great avocados. And when life gives you an abundance of avocados, you make avocado toast, of course! There are several varieties of avocado, and any of them would work for this recipe. However, I prefer using the Hass variety—the small type with the dark, bumpy skin—as they have more natural fat and are less watery than the larger, smooth-skinned sort. Hass avocados add a wonderfully smooth, creamy texture. The lemon and chili act as the perfect eye-openers.