Winter kale and butternut squash salad


Nothing says winter like kale and butternut squash. It is nice to try out some other greens rather than the usual lettuces we are used to. Kale has a nice bite to it. Although sometimes I can find it bitter, a tip would be to let the dressing sit with the lettuce for about 5 minutes before consuming to break it down.

Shaved Brussels sprouts salad with Parmesan and red onion


Who said Brussels sprouts could only to be eaten around Christmas. This vegetable is getting lots of popularity this year in the supermarkets due to its great health benefits. The thing I love most about this salad is that its gives great crunch all the way through and the sweetness of the honey in the dressing takes any bitterness away that the brussels sprout may have.

Parmesan Broccolini


Unlike most kids, I grew up loving broccoli. My aunt would steam it and melt some salted butter on it. My mother would even mash it with tons of butter. We don’t see Broccolini often in Ireland, and when I discovered it in the States, I fell in love with the vegetable all over again. I like to think of Broccolini as the slender, elegant alternative to the thick stalks you usually find. Dress it in cheese, and you have broccoli that is runway ready!

Port-Marinated Skirt Steak with Roasted Grape Tomatoes


How to win friends and influence people: cook this steak. Seriously, invite people you want to impress over and feed them this, and they will be saluting you by the meal’s end. The best part of this recipe is that the marinade, which is what truly makes it, is made up of ingredients that you’re likely to have in your kitchen already. The sharpness of soy, vinegar, port, and chili permeate the meat, so each bite is packed with flavor. Believe me, this recipe is fail-safe.

Cider Pork with Broccolini


The county I come from in Ireland, Tipperary, brews the best hard apple cider in the world. It’s called Bulmers Irish Cider in Ireland and is exported to the United States as Magners. In this recipe, any apple cider will do if you can’t find the best, and the nonalcoholic version works well, too. The vinegar and jelly enhance the apple flavor.

Cider Braised Chicken


I have carried this recipe around with me for years, and I find myself making it three to four times a month. Cider is in my roots—it is one of the best products in County Tipperary, where I am from. The chicken just soaks up the cider vinegar, and to me, this dish is the perfect blend of tart, savory sour. PS: I’m a thigh man! Not only are thighs less expensive than chicken breasts, due to their fat content they are much harder to overcook.