Flavoring Oils and Vinegars

If you got a few empty containers lying around or old olive oil bottles, why not try something fresh and new such as flavoring oils !! This can add great flavor to your cooking.

I was at a speaking engagement not so long ago and introduced this to the audience, I was surprised that many did not know this was possible. It also looks cool on your kitchen counter !

Oils and Vinegar

  1. Rinse and dry 2cups of your favorite fresh herbs such as basil, mint, dill, rosemary..whatever tickles your fancy!
  2. In a jar or a tightly closed container, place 2 cups canola/olive oil/white wine vinegar with the fresh herbs (ensure all herbs are covered in oil), close container and place in a cool non sunlight area for about 10 days.
  3. After 10 days have passed, place the oil or vinegar using a coffee filter into an air tight bottle. Try and look out for clear bottles as you can see the color infused into the oil or vinegar.
  4. Cap the bottle and store in the refrigerator.
  5.  Store oil in fridge and vinegar in cupboard

Chef Stuart

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