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A model dressed as a mermaid sat atop a treasure chest filled with Tupperware.


As a concept, the Tupperware Party is a famous one—perhaps as famous as the birthday party. Rick Goings, the ceo of Tupperware, said, “There’s a Tupperware Party starting every 1.7 seconds somewhere around the world.” Technically, we could calculate how many Tupperware Parties occurred during the three hours that actress and singer Jane Krakowski hosted a Tupperware VIP summer listening party to celebrate the launch of her album, “The Laziest Gal in Town.” But, it’s hot and we don’t have that kind of time or brain power anymore.

Still, it’s not completely clear who throws Tupperware Parties these days. “When people talk about our product, they think about Burping Bowls,” explained Mr. Goings before Ms. Krakowski’s Thursday night event. “Instead, what people will say about tonight is, ‘Wow, this was fun. This felt like a party rather than the image of June Cleaver and eight women sitting around a living room talking about white bowls.'”

Of Ms. Krakowski, Mr. Goings said: “We thought she was so much fun, particularly what she’s doing on her CD, putting a new spin on some classic music. That’s what we do at Tupperware.”

Ms. Krakowski’s party did not feel at all like June Cleaver’s kitchen. It was held on the 21st floor of the Glass Towers in Chelsea, and it had a “beachside paradise” theme. There were chandeliers made of Tupperware tumblers. Waiters in red bathing suits offered mini lobster rolls. A model dressed as a mermaid sat atop a treasure chest filled with Tupperware.

Amy Sussman for The Wall Street Journal


Jane Krakowski in her Versace cocktail dress.


Jane Krakowski and Tupperware’s Chef Stuart O’Keeffe

“Tupperware is haute because it brings a sense of the beach to the ballroom,” said Kenny Davis, the production designer for “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” who conceived the event. He was inspired by “St. Tropez and lazy summer days,” he added. “But I’ve never been to a Tupperware party or hosted one.”

Neither, it seemed, had anyone else.

“I’ve never been to a Tupperware party, but I love the story of Tupperware because it was a way for women to be empowered,” said Beverly Bond, the evening’s DJ.

“I’ve never been to a Tupperware party, but it’s a smart thing in this market with this recession and economic climate,” said Bernardo Siaotong, a stylist. “I mean, anyway to save money helps.”

“It’s sort of a cool, retro idea,” said Matthew Malin, of the cosmetics company Malin & Goetz, “but I’ve never been to one before.”

Neither had the actor Christopher Meloni, of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” “I’ve never hosted a Tupperware party either,” Mr. Meloni said. “But my co-star Ice-T had one a few years back. I thought it was a stroke of genius, but I didn’t go.” (According to Mr. Goings, “Ice-T loves Tupperware.”) Mr. Meloni continued: “My character, Detective Eliot Stabler, would use his Tupperware as a place to store his guns, ammunition and badge.”

But there was one person who had been to a Tupperware Party before: Ms. Krakowski. She was wearing a one-shoulder, lavender Versace cocktail dress and violet Fendi heels. “I just threw something on,” she said. “This is what every girl wears to a Tupperware Party.”

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Amy Sussman for The Wall Street Journal

Actor Christopher Meloni.

Ms. Krakowski said she wanted to launch her album with Tupperware “because it’s a recording of classic songs with a modern twist, and Tupperware’s new collection is a spin on classic styles for a modern audience. So it was a perfect match.” (Clearly, she had received the memo.)

Ms. Krakowski explained that her first Tupperware party was in Los Angeles, with a drag-queen theme. “At my last Tupperware party I got these orange bowls that sit in each other that I still use today. Tonight I’m hoping to get the Quick Chef.” That’s a kind of manual food processor.

“Our product line would really surprise people,” explained Mr. Goings, earlier. “The biggest seller in France is a MicroGourmet. It’s a whole new way of steamed cooking in microwaves.”

—With contributions from Priya Rao

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