Stuart’s Thanksgiving Meal Perfected

You may have convinced yourself long ago that cooking a holiday dinner is just too difficult for one person to do alone, or that you don’t have what it takes to satisfy your loved ones’ appetites on Thanksgiving. But, that’s nonsense and I’ll prove it to you. I’ve perfected a complete hearty Thanksgiving meal that mixes flavors from the old world and the new, and the recipes couldn’t be simpler. This is the Thanksgiving meal perfected.

When your guests walk in the door, let them know right away that this night is going to be delicious with my easy Baked Camembert with Apple Slices appetizer. You probably already have half the ingredients in your kitchen, and this light-yet-flavorful welcome will whet their palates without filling them up.

Moving on to the main course, you can surprise everyone – maybe even yourself – with the easiest and most delicious bird imaginable. Stuart’s Herbed Roasted Turkey is moist, tender, and imminently flavorful with a mushroom gravy. I believe that the easiest holiday dinners are the best ones, and this turkey can be the magnificent centerpiece of yours.

Then, the sides. Think an Irishman knows a little something about potatoes? You’d better believe it! My Colcannon Mashed Potatoes just may be the recipe your friends ask for the most. Add in Braised Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta, Glazed Carrots, and of course – my mother’s favorite – this Cranberry Ginger Sauce, and you have a complete Thanksgiving meal that won’t soon be forgotten.

And let’s pretend that one or two of your loved ones are left standing, still hankering for a trifle of dessert. This Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Caramel Sauce should finish them off blissfully or if you want something a little easier try out my 3 Ingredient Pumpkin pie right here on YAHOO!

There. Now, how easy was that?! You just knocked the socks off every one of your guests, and you didn’t even break a sweat.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Chef Stuart

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