Stuart’s Thanksgiving Meal Perfected

You may have convinced yourself long ago that cooking a holiday dinner is just too difficult for one person to do alone, or that you don’t have what it takes to satisfy your loved ones’ appetites on Thanksgiving. But, that’s nonsense and I’ll prove it to you. I’ve perfected a complete hearty Thanksgiving meal that mixes flavors from the old world and the new, and the recipes couldn’t be simpler. This is the Thanksgiving meal perfected. When your guests walk in the door, let them know right away that this night is going to be delicious with my easy Baked […]

It’s All About the Sauces!

I want to talk to you a bit about sauces for food. I am going to give you some helpful simple recipes that you can use to go with your favorite protein. I used to always find myself saying “and what will i have with this chicken breast tonight?”. You have your veggies…check! your protein…check! but you forgot about what you will drizzle over them. Take these recipes and use them as a cheat sheet and at a moments notice you will be able to whip up some awesome sauce to go with your creation. And do not worry about […]

How to Choose Healthy Fats and Oils

There are many to choose from — oils, butter, margarine, and cooking sprays — and some are healthier than others. Here are some of the options. Olive oil Olive oil is probably the most popular oil to cook with, and it’s one of the healthiest. It is high in monounsaturated fat and antioxidants, which may help to lower cholesterol and may also lower the risk of developing certain cancers. When you’re cooking with olive oil, use the “pure” type rather than “virgin” or “extra virgin.” Pure olive oil can take high heat and won’t lose flavor. If you choose to […]