chef stuart okeeffe

New Years Slim Down

Not going to lie, when it comes to the new year, I always find myself cooking a bit healthier to kick start myself off to a great year. For the month of January, I will be sharing some great recipes that are hearty but healthy. I’m not the kind of guy who can just eat salads. I find a great way to feel full fast is to start getting into soups. Research has shown that people who eat soup as a starter tend to eat fewer calories for the rest of their meal. Try not to look at soups such […]

Lucky in Love!

Ok, so lets say you are a terrible cook and you want to impress your date. You are probably thinking, can I really pull off a decent meal to impress my date? The answer to this question is YES! Yes you can, this is not an impossible task.  I think anyone can surprise himself or herself by cooking a good home cooked meal. Maybe you are really worried and anxious about the whole thing. Well, why don’t you see if your date would collaborate with you to make it a more fun and casual dinner, this can always be a […]